Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
 Lunch: Soft Taco, Assorted Yogurt w/Granola
All Lunches include a Salad Bar with fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk
 Lunch on the Patio – EVEN 1st/2nd Grade Rm #’s-Kindergarten Rm. 3 –
weather permitting
 PBIS : Playground Week 
    Testing Schedule
 Attendance Contest
 Kindergarten walking to Fire Dept-Alexandru-9:45-10:45am

Dates To Remember:
Apr 1-May 23 Attendance Contest
May 23 2nd Grade visit to Meadow View-8:45am-11am
May 23 Kindergarten walking to Fire Dept-Celum-9:45-10:45am
May 24 Proposed Snow Day
May 27 No School-Memorial Day
May 28 Kindergarten to visit Susanville Airport-8:45-11:45am
May 29 Cattlewomen’s Ag in the Classroom-9am-12:10pm
May 29 Kindergarten walking to Fire Dept-O’Brien-9:30-11am
May 30 Cattlewomen’s Ag in the Classroom-9am-12:10pm
May 30 Kindergarten walking to Fire Dept-Roberts-12-2pm
May 31 2nd Grade Sierra Theater Field Trip and Lunch in the Park-8:45am-12:30pm
May 31 1st Grade Reading Celebration-9-9:45am-MPR
May 31 Cattlewomen’s Ag in the Classroom-9am-12:10pm
May 31 PBIS Schoolwide Reward-12:30-1:25pm
May 31 PBIS Schoolwide Reward-1:45-2:40pm
Jun 3-7 Minimum Day/Conferences-Dismissal-12:25pm
Jun 3 Staff Meeting/Luncheon-12:30-3pm-Patio
Jun 4 1st Grade Field Trip to Sierra Theater-8:45-11:15am
Jun 4 2nd Grade Doughnuts for Dads-8:45am-9:15am-MPR
Jun 4 2nd Grade Hike to the Top of the Mountain-9:30am-12:15pm
Jun 5 1st Grade Art Day-9:30-10am/10:15-11am
Jun 5 2nd Grade Art Day-10-11:30am
Jun 6 Kindergarten Graduation-Alexandru,Mankins, O’Brien, Roberts & Wiens-9am-9:30am-MPR
Jun 6 Kindergarten Graduation-Celum, Hudson & Law-10-10:30am-MPR
Jun 6 1st Grade Field Day-9-10am/10:15-10:45am
Jun 6 2nd Grade Field Day-8:30-10am
Jun 7 Last Day of School
Jun 7 PTA Spirit Day-Luau Day
Jun 7 1st Grade End of Year Awards Assembly-9:35-10am-MPR
Jun 7 2nd Grade End of Year Awards Assembly-10-10:30am-MPR